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Startup Spotlight - Novelsys

Delane Foo, co-founder of Novelsys and Kairos ASEAN member, successfully concluded their Kickstarter campaign for the world's first smart charging sleeve - Ampere, which was fully funded within 24 hours!

30 days and $85,000 later - the dream is alive and kicking

It's projected that by the close of 2015 there will be billions of people using smartphones worldwide, but most of these phones will still be using messy, tangle prone charging cables for power. 

At Novelsys we decided to reinvent the entire charging process with Ampere.  Ampere is the world's first, smart charging sleeve.  Just slide your smartphone in and start charging wirelessly!  Connected to our intuitive App, you can accurately track your phone's location, monitor battery life and set automatic charging timers based on power levels - so you'll always be juiced up! 

If you need a superfast boost (4 x faster than standard USB laptop outputs) plug in our USB charger and GO!  Best of all, Ampere is made from 100% genuine leather, so you get a touch of class wherever you take it.  It's time to make smart charging brilliant! 

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